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Alister Chapman Workshop

Thu Nov 22, 2018
Fri Nov 23, 2018
Fusion Cine
1469 Venables Street Vancouver, BC
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Fusion Cine


Fusion Cine invites you to join them for an in-depth workshop about High Dynamic Range, Log, Raw and Gamma and learn how to achieve “the film look” with Alister Chapman. 

Session 1: Size Matters.
In this seminar we will look at:
  • The history of video camera sensor sizes
  • Where do the different sizes come from
  • Why the shift towards larger sensors?
  • The strengths of a larger sensor
  • Why are zoom lens options so limited with larger sensors
  • The strengths of a smaller sensor
  • New sensor technologies that are narrowing the performance gap
  • If you shoot at f5.6 is there any point to a large sensor camera?
  • What can a small sensor camera do that a large sensor can’t?

Session 2: HDR High Dynamic Range, Log, Raw and Gamma.

HDR - What is HDR and what do you need to know to complete an HDR production. Log and gamma - What do these terms really mean, which should you use and how do they effect what I shoot. Raw - What is meant by “raw” and is it really necessary? What are the pros and cons of shooting raw.
Session 3: What is “the film look” and how do you achieve it. (Followed by "Desert Adventures with Sony’s VENICE”)
  • Colour and brightness levels used in movies
  • Depth of field and managing focus
  • Contrast ratios used in movies
  • How can a light meter help if using an electronic camera
  • Lighting techniques for a more film like look
  • Anamorphic lenses and anamorphic production
  • Grading and post production overview
  • Introduction to Sony’s VENICE camera
  • Using E-mount and other lenses with VENICE
  • Shooting tips for Sony VENICE

Thursday, November 22, 2018 5pm - 10pm: Click here to RSVP

Friday, November 23, 2018 10am - 3pm: Click here to RSVP 

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