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Digital Loader Workshop

Sun Dec 3, 2017
Local 669 Office
217-3823 Henning Drive
$50 Deposit (refunded upon workshop completion)
10 People
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Louise Baker-Griffiths

Local 669 is offering a 1 day workshop on Digital Loading geared towards 2nd Assistants looking to add Digital Loading as a craft category, and to existing Digital Loaders looking to brush up their skills. The purpose of the workshop is to teach the minimum requirements expected on the average production under the Digital Loader craft category. There will be take home and practice material provided for all participants.

This workshop will cover:
  • Offloading and Management using Finder and Pomfort Silverstack
  • Camera Material
  • Assisting DIT (if present)
  • How to handle production media
  • Setting up an offload station
  • Offloading of Exposed media
  • Basics of Pomfort Silverstack
  • Entering Meta Data
  • Reporting
  • Quality control of media
  • Sorting Exposed media for clearance
  • Shipping of media or hard drive to a post production house
  • Camera Truck duties
  • Other duties of a Digital Loader


  • Tenure Member, or have completed the Member Orientation for Members that have joined the Local within the last 3 years.
  • Participants must have a computer capable of reading a USB stick and running MacOS 10.10 to run Silverstack.