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Mastering 360 Workshop

Sat Dec 9, 2017 to Sun Dec 10, 2017
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VR/360˚ Filmmaking WorkShop 1.0

This is a comprehensive 2-day workshop with an in depth step by step breakdown of an tested and proven workflow that has taken 5 years to perfect. Hands-on-training empowers those who really want to create live action immersive experiences. We arm you with the knowledge, tools and skills required to create your very own 360˚videos. Throughout the workshop, the instructor will provide a clear and precise explanation of 360 filmmaking production process; from pre-production to distribution. The educational material includes but not limited to instruction on hardware, software, stitching, which 360 rig to buy, theory, visualization, storyboard, understanding the technology limitations & advantages, difference between virtual reality and 360, plus a whole lot more. This workshop is designed to offer a technical, immersive, and hands on approach to learning this new exciting medium. After the two day course all will have completed a 360 video. Certification upon completion. It is recommended that you have some previous video production experience to maximize the knowledge learned in this workshop.

DAY 1: Theory & explanation of workflow from concept to distribution.  

DAY 2: Students form groups and get their hands dirty creating a short 360˚experience.


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