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Motion Picture Industry Orientation: Langara College

Sat Nov 3, 2018
Langara College
100 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver B.C.
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Continuing Studies

Developed by film professionals, this course is an overview of BCs expanding film industry; it is also a requirement before becoming a member of most labour unions. Course topics include the structure of the BC film industry, stages of production, industry jobs, set terminology, set etiquette, basic safety, and communication skills.

Notes: Held at main campus. You may take this course if you are 18 years of age and have completed High school. Certificates are issued by ActSafe, not Langara College and will be mailed to you within 2-3 weeks of completion of the course. Please ensure your name is registered correctly and provide an accurate mailing address.

To Register call: 604-323-5322