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The #REELThanks17 Challenge raises $205,830.98 in Funds and Food

Once again, the Reel Thanksgiving Challenge has surpassed its goal and donations over previous years! The productions that participated in the #REELThanks17 challenge raised $205,830.98 in funds and food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

“It doesn’t happen often that I do not know what to say or how to thank people. REEL Thanksgiving, without a doubt is our largest fundraiser! To raise over $200,000.00 in 10 days is beyond my comprehension. To see it become a reality is just awesome, fantastic and a hat off for all in the film industry in Vancouver and the Lower Main Land... We crossed the finish line well beyond a number I could only dream off. Well done ALL!”

- Aart Schuurman Hess, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.
The Top 5 Teams will be announced once all transactions are finalized and all non-perishable food donations are tallied.
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