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Local 669 Stills Photographer Cate Cameron's "The Flowers are Talking" Exhibit Opening April 7

Thu Apr 7, 2016
257 East 7th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 0B8
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Presented as a part of Capture Photography Festival, The Flowers are Talking explores the liminal point within the Huichol community where tradition and modernity intersect through original photographs. The Huichol are an indigenous people that live in the Sierra Madre Occidental region of Mexico. Maintained for generations, their culture is strongly linked to nature, folklore and shamanism. 

Presenting this body of work at Make Gallery, Cate Cameron documents this period of change. Timeless yet modern, her work speaks to the Huichol way of life. Cameron is a professional photographer based in Vancouver. She has worked as a Cultural and Humanitarian photographer in Haiti, India, Kenya, and Zambia working with grass root Non Government Organizations to international charities. 

20% of art sales are being donated to the Hata Tukari initiative, which provides access to water, renewable resources, sustainable permaculture, arts based programs and business development in La Cebolleta.

Please RSVP to or visit the Eventbrite website to register:

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