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BC’s Leo Awards Makes a Historic Move for Accepting Gender-Fluid Performer in Both Male and Female Performance Categories

The Leo Awards is setting precedent in the Canadian Film and Television industry by accepting gender-fluid performers' requests to be submitted for nominations in both Male and Female performance categories. This decision comes after a similar decision was made by the Academy Awards last year in the U.S. 


"Ameko Eks Mass Carroll, an eleven year-old Vancouver performer, stars in the short film entitled Limina, directed and produced by Vancouver-based filmmakers Florian Halbedl and Joshua M. Ferguson. Ameko plays gender-fluid protagonist, Alessandra, in Limina and also identifies as gender-fluid and uses he/him/his pronouns. Ameko identifies as a boy and other days as a girl and some days as neither. The filmmakers have submitted Ameko’s performance into both Male and Female Performance categories for the Leo Awards."

The DGC BC, IATSE 891, IATSE 669, UPCP/ACTRA and ACFC West applaud the Leo awards for promoting and fostering inclusivity of non-binary trans performers and artists through their decision.

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